About d'Portier

Hello and greetings, my name is Talina. I am Founder and CEO of d'Portier beauty and cosmetics.

Like some of you, this started in my early childhood years.I was fascinated with beauty! I knew I was destined to become a make up artist and hairstylist. It was something about getting glamorous. Dressing up, applying make up, and feeling beautiful. Being daring , unafraid of trying fun and different hairstyles. I felt beautiful, confident, and unique. That love grew and continued into my early 20’s. Then I decided to try and fulfill another dream. Start my very own cosmetic line, with MY vision. After several years of working with great cosmetic lines. Gaining experience, learning customers and products. Then starting and operating a successful business d'Portier Studio. I said, “ it’s time. With your passion, experience, talent, and overall LOVE for beauty. Understanding the importance of impeccable customer service. Why not have your own cosmetic line to promote and sell? Turn what once was a dream, into a beautiful reality. It took a lot of prayer and hard work, but it’s here. Keep fighting!

As some say, the rest is history.

When I created d'Portier cosmetics, I had a vision. To not only outwardly beautify, through beautiful cosmetics. I want to inspire, encourage, and support all women. True beauty shines from within and cannot be contained!